Business Rescue

Date: Aug 13, 2018 - Aug 21, 2018

CPD hours: 4 Hours

Time: 09:00 - 13:00

Event Type: Seminar

Presenter: Louis Klopper

Business rescue is fast becoming an area of specialisation for accounting practitioners, auditors, attorneys and financial advisors. Chapter 6 of the Companies Act 2008 introduced business rescue, replacing the judicial process that was provided for in the previous Companies Act 1973.


Many businesses across different industries are applying for business rescue in South Africa. As at 31st March 2018 more than 2800 companies had applied for business rescue proceedings to commence in terms of Chapter 6 of the Companies Act. See the CIPC report here. 

Attend this event and learn how you can share in this growing market by qualifying as a business rescue practitioner.  

Learning objectives 

After attending this event you will be able to:

  • Understand the requirements to draw up and implement strategic plans/turnaround strategies for companies in distress.
  • Understand how to add business rescue to the services offered by a accounting or legal practice.
  • Implement the requirements of Chapter 6 of the Companies Act governing business rescue.
  • Explain the business rescue process.
  • Advice clients as to the roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders in the process. 

Course content 

The event will cover the following content:

  • How to obtain your business rescue licence from the CIPC.
  • Provisions of the Companies Act, 2008 regarding commencement of business rescue proceedings.
  • The procedure for appointment, qualifications for appointment, removal, and duties and personal liability of the business rescue practitioner. 
  • Important principles of labour law affected by business rescue, including the procedure for retrenchments and other dismissals.
  • The power of the practitioner to suspend, or to apply for cancellation of, contractual obligations of the company.
  • The preparation of the rescue plan.
  • How to determine whether the company is in financial distress, and whether there is reasonable prospect of a rescue.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the business rescue practitioner, directors, employees, SARS, CIPC, and creditors.
  • The tax and accounting implications of business rescue. 
  • A Case Study demonstrating the process. 

Obtaining your CPD certificate

Attendance of this 4-hour seminar/webinar series will accrue 4 CPD hour for members of a relevant professional body such as ACCA, SAICA, AAT, SAIPA, SAIBA, IAC, CIS, ICBA, LSSA, FPI, and the IBA. The SAAA CPD policy is compliant with IFAC IES7 and is recognised by SAICA, AAT, SAIPA, SAIBA, IAC, CIS and others.

Complete the free online assessment at the end of the event and receive an additional 1 CPD hours.

Who should attend

  • Member of SAICA, SAIPA, SAIBA, IRBA and SAIT.
  • Auditors.
  • Accountants.
  • Tax practitioners. 
  • Financial Advisors.
  • Legal Practitioners.
  • Trade Union Representatives.
  • Turnaround Practitioners and Consultants.


The following pricing options apply:

  • R950-00 to attend the event.
  • R399-00 to attend the webinar.
  • No cost for SAAA Tax Practitioner subscribers. 

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