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Monthly Compliance and Legislation Update - December

Learning objectives  After attending this webinar you will: Be aware of the latest legislative changes and what it means for your business, practice, and your clients; Be able to inform your staff and clients on how to stay comp liant; Adapt business models to fit new legislative landscapes; Receive references to documents and guides;  Have access to your own technical resource; and  Have access to the presenter via email for follow-up Q & A. Content  These are examples of the topics covered that will include legislative, regulatory, industry standards, items and guides that have been issued and/or updated during the preceding month and will be covered in the webinar:  IFRS: Standards – What’s new? IFRS Monthly news summary Accounting issues Headline Earnings Circular published for comment Review of Merger and Acquisition accounting Accounting for common control Proposed amendments to IFRS 16 (Sale and leaseback) Educational material: Climate change impact on fiancials IRBA: Audit Reform Project (an overview): - Auditing Profession Amendment Bill - Enabler vs Victim by Prof Wiseman Nkulu - BEIS Report on the Future of Audit - Sir D Bydon’s Report of the Independent Review of the Quality and Effectiveness of Audit - International Benchmarking - Financial Reporting Council Developments - IAASB Developments - IESBA Developments Standards: None Legal/Ethics: Reminder concerning IRBA’s new CPD policy Other: Disciplinary Committee’s merits ruling on African Bank matter CIPC: Notices and Practice Notes issued (enforcement and to customers): Notice 51 and 54 of 2020: Uploading of new eServices for online Co-Op registrations Balance of notices relate to administration issues LAST NOTICE DONE BY Lettie IN Nov: Notice 49 COVID-19 Updates Important changes: Waiting to see if any Presidential addresses happen considering increasing cases and the impact of the 2ndwave Legislative amendments: None New announcements/guidance: Article of interest: How COVID-19 will impact December leave for workers in South Africa Labour Law: Employment law: See COVID-19 update regarding leave Other Laws & Regulations affecting your client AND impact on NOCLAR: This month’s big 5: Issue 19 covers new relevant National laws up to 7 December 2020: The Auditing Profession Act (Amendment Bill 2020); The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (Domestic Workers); The Cybercrimes Bill (Version D); The Disaster Management Act (Regulations and Directions); and The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (Draft Regulations) Other acts and articles: The Cybercrimes Bill Update: None SARS: Refer to December and November 2020 Maitland and Associates Tax Newsletter attached Regulator news: IRBA News & press releases: None SAICA press releases and other publications: Quarterly update on Disciplinary Outcomes CIPC: None FIC Advisory & Guidance: None Companies Tribunal: None LPC: None CGSO: None FSCA publications & press releases: Information Regulator: None SARS: Refer to Newsletters General Announcements / News Releases: Media articles: KPMG Report (UK) The New Customer FM: To fight fraud, manage culture The case for Outsourcing Collections at Accounting Firms (CPA) IFAC – Enhancing Firm Credit Control and Fee Collection IFAC – Anti Money Laundering – The Basics IFAC – Accountants Supporting Sustainable Recovery

1 Hours | R195.00
Lettie Janse van Vuuren

MS Excel for bookkeepers

Learning objectives By the end of this event the participant should: Understand how to perform the bookkeeping to trial balance function on MS Excel; Understand how to format MS Excel worksheets so that data processing is quicker; Unders tand how to use MS Excel shortcuts to fast-track data processing; and Be able to draft basic management reports (Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, etc.) using MS Excel. Content The webinar will cover the following topics: Processing sales & purchases journals on MS Excel. How to process cashbooks on MS Excel. Processing year-end journals on MS Excel. How to do basic VAT calculations on MS Excel. Basic payroll calculations on MS Excel. Preparing management reports on MS Excel.

2 Hours | R195.00
Russel Ngobeni

The Role and Mindset Expected of the Professional Accountant

Learning objectives By the end of this event the attendeeswill: Have a better understanding of role and mindset expected of professional accountants; Understand why the role and mindset revisions were made; Know what outcomes the revisio ns seek to achieve; Understand what the key changes to the Code of Conduct are for the role and mindset revisions; and Have access to the IESBA documents issued in this regard. Content The webinar will cover the following topics: Overview & introduction The role and mindset expected of professional accountants. Why were the role and mindset revisions made? What outcomes do the revisions seek to achieve? Key changes to the Code of Conduct regarding the role and mindset revisions. IESBA documents issued in this regard: Final pronouncement Basis for Conclusions.

2 Hours | R195.00
Lettie Janse van Vuuren

10 The Premium - Crm Vs Relationship Intelligence

Event overview and structure The importance of Relationship Intelligence and why CRM systems struggle to cope with and maintain real-time data. Understand the components of CRM that work well and those that don’t. Discover how relation ship intelligence can complement and enhance an existing CRM platform. Explore the key elements of relationship intelligence to manage change, meet communication goals, avoid missed opportunities and maximise cross-sell opportunities.

1 Hours | R1150.00
Brian Coventry (Australia) -

9 The Premium - Digital Change To Drive Greater Client Experience

Event overview and structure Accountants need to get their heads out of the sand to embrace technology…for their client’s sake. If you do, you will become more efficient, work less hours and free up valuable time to spend with your clients so you can build relationships that are being destroyed in the modern world. That is how you retain clients forever and get them to pay you top dollar. Will is about to show you how!

1 Hours | R1150.00

8 The Premium- The Mentalist

Multi award-winning mentalist and illusionist.

1 Hours | R1150.00
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