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Discover the Trainee Accountant Bootcamp by Accounting Academy. An online course covering soft / life skills, professional development, and technical competencies in accounting. No prerequisites required. Enroll now!


Delve into the realm of financial statement compilation with our Professional Certificate course. Master IFRS for SMEs, ISRS 4410, and the IESBA Code. Enhance your proficiency with hands-on Draftworx tutorials and comprehensive modules. Join SA Accounting Academy for unparalleled expertise.


Ethics are a fundamental element to every professional accountant's daily practice. Accountants are constantly challenged to reflect on the issues and matters they face and always ensure that their moral compass is calibrated and fine-tuned.



Unlock the world of accounting with our NQF Level 5 certification. Ideal for those looking to study accounting and bookkeeping. Enroll with SA Accounting Academy today!


Get into the world of accounting with our NQF Level 6 Diploma. Perfect for those looking to become an accountant or bookkeeper. Enroll today with SA Accounting Academy!


National Certificate: Bookkeeping (NQF 3) course is designed for individuals who wish to begin their journey as a Bookkeeper. Gain practical skills and a solid foundation in bookkeeping with this ICB-accredited qualification.


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Are you looking to upskill yourself and develop your accounting knowledge and skills? These subscription plans give you access to professional and technical content, so you remain professionally competent. From R 250.00 per month.

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Are you looking to upskill your staff and develop their accounting knowledge and skills? This subscription plan gives you and your employees access to professional and technical content, so your business remains relevant and professionally competent. From R 139.00 per user per month (for three or more user).

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My favourite feature is that I can go back and listen to webinars on my own time and update my knowledge after hours. The reasons I recommend their subscription solutions is that they are relevant and affordable given the stringent CPD requirements and economy and that their platform is easy to use.

G.K. (SA Accounting Academy Subscriber)

Before my SA Accounting Academy subscription solution finding information was difficult, this made keeping up with relevant changes complicated. I love the varied and interesting topics covered and that they ensure the most relevant information is always available.

M.W. (SA Accounting Academy Subscriber)

I get value for money and access to excellent presenters with SA Accounting Academy’s subscription solutions. I can now get speedy information when needed and get up to date with all the information available.

T.S. (SA Accounting Academy Subscriber)

With SA Accounting Academy’s subscription solutions, I now have access to the appropriate knowledge required within the industry and enjoy quality products and great service.

N.C. (SA Accounting Academy Subscriber)


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  • Ignition
  • Old Mutual
  • Bridgement
  • Dext
  • (SA)UEO
  • UniHaven is an Ireland-based higher education pathway provider
  • Merchant Capital
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