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The ESSENTIAL PLUS programme for Build your own is a webinar only package. Please choose only 8 of the topics listed below. Webinars can be watched live at a pre-scheduled time and the recording will be available to re-watch via your online profile. The presenter will be available for Q & A during these webinars.

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Technical Resource & CPD Programme: ESSENTIAL

The ESSENTIAL programme for professionals includes the following technical resource: Monthly Technical & Legislation Updates.

This is the essential package if you want to:

  • Engage your clients with confidence,
  • Get assistance to identify new services to offer your clients,
  • Save +-28 hours of research time on Google/Websites to find the latest technical information and changes to address your clients' problems,
  • Get CPD points at the lowest possible price, and need an update on the latest changes in South Africa (profession and in law).

This is a monthly 2-hour webinar presented by Lettie Janse van Vuuren CA(SA), SAICA and IRBA compliance expert. The webinar covers all the latest changes and updates at SARS, CIPC, accounting, auditing, tax, Labour and other laws applicable to business.

Presented every month, on a Wednesday. If a recording is missed you still get to view it online when convenient on the SAAA Catch Up system.

Topics & Categories

This usually includes updates regarding financial reporting and the accounting pronouncements, e.g. proposed and effective changes to International Accounting Standards (IAS), IFRS, IFRS for SMEs, etc. It also encompasses important news from IFAC, SAICA, standard-setting authorities and other relevant role players in the financial reporting field.

  • Guidance
  • Standards/Pronouncements
  • General summary

This usually includes updates regarding new auditing pronouncements, e.g. proposed and effective changes to International Standards of Auditing (ISAs), South African Auditing Practice Statements (SAAPS), etc. It also encompasses important news from IRBA and other relevant role players about assurance services (i.e. auditing and independent review), non-assurance services, etc.

  • Guidance
  • Standards/Pronouncements
  • General

This usually includes updates and important notices released by CIPC.  It may also include general information on upcoming deadlines and other relevant information regarding the performance of company secretarial and related services.

  • Notices issued (enforcement and to customers)
  • Companies Tribunal (cases and news)
  • Compliance (Inspection unit reports)
  • Committees (CLC & BRLC)
  • General

This usually includes updates to the BCEA, sector-specific determinations setting out minimum wage rates, as well as publications containing lessons to be learnt from case law and judgments, e.g. CCMA, Labour Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, etc.

  • Court cases
  • News articles
  • CCMA news

This usually includes publications regarding various other Laws and Regulations, e.g. BBBEE, Consumer Protection Act, National Credit Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, etc.

  • SAICA Legal Update (the Big5 for SMPs)
  • NCR Guidance
  • Draft Acts, Regulations, Bills, Amendment Acts, Government Gazette Notices, etc.

This usually includes updates regarding new income tax pronouncements, interpretation notes, guides, etc. which is usually included in the monthly SAIT webinar.  It also encompasses important news about SARS operations, eFiling, etc.

  • Guides (draft, new & updated issued)
  • Interpretation Notes (draft, new & updated issued)
  • BPRs
  • BGRs
  • BCRs
  • Notices
  • General
  • Court Cases

This usually includes notices, articles, guides and press releases from relevant regulators in our industry, e.g. IRBA, SAICA, SAIT, FIC, FSB, JSE,Law Society SA and Fidelity Fund, Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), etc. 

  • IRBA (News & Press releases)
  • SAICA (News & Press releases, Draft Guidelines issued)
  • SAIBA Publications
  • FIC (News & Notices) 
  • National Consumer Tribunal (News & Press releases) 
  • NCR (News & Press releases)
  • CGSO (News & Press releases)
  • NCC (News, Notices & Alerts) 
  • AFF (Attorneys Fidelity Fund), Law Society News, etc 
  • EAAB (News & Press releases) 
  • FSCA Press releases – General, Warnings and Fines
  • SARS Media releases.
  • FRSC (News & Press releases) 
  • Other (News & Press releases)

This usually includes notices, articles and press releases from relevant stakeholders, e.g. ombudsman, etc. It also encompasses important news about SARS operations, eFiling, etc.

  • Newspaper articles
  • Technical magazines
  • Regulators issuing general news items
  • General media articles

Additional benefits of subscribing

CPD subscribers gain access to Professional Indemnity Insurance from as little as R600 per annum. PI Insurance cover is subject to approval and risk assessment by the broker and the underwriter. Typically, an accountant that is compliant and in good standing will be able to obtain R5 000 000 PI cover for less than R600.00 pa.

The PI cover is subject to:

  • Underwriter assessment of risk,
  • CPD compliance
  • Professional body membership, and
  • Compliance to professional member standards.
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