Maximize Your Training Returns with Our Expertise

Welcome to SA Accounting Academy, where we transform your Skills Development Levy into a strategic investment for growth and competitiveness. Our tailored learnership programs are designed not just to comply with regulations but to significantly enhance your organization's performance and BEE scoring. Discover the unparalleled advantages of partnering with us:

  • Tailored WSP and ATR Solutions:

    • Maximize Returns on Your SDL: We specialize in securing up to a 20% return on your annual Skills Development Levy. Our expertise in streamlining training registers and navigating SETA documentation ensures your organization is positioned to reclaim the maximum amount possible.

    • Strategic Training Planning: Beyond compliance, our approach is about adding value to your company through meticulous training planning, elevating your team's skills where it counts.

  • Customized PIVOTAL Training Proposals:

    • Unlock Potential with Discretionary Grants: With potential returns of up to 49.5% under SETA's discretionary grants, we craft bespoke training proposals that cater to your specific needs, covering learnerships, internships, and more.

  • Specialized Learnerships for the Financial Sector:

    • Accredited Quality Education: Our learnerships, accredited with FASSET and BANKSETA, range from NQF Level 3 to 5, promising not only compliance but also quality training for your staff.

    • Diverse Qualifications: From Bookkeeping to Accounting, Office to Business Administration, we offer a wide range of qualifications that meet various needs within the financial sector.

  • Financial Incentives and Tax Benefits:

    • Leverage Tax Allowances: Navigate the complexities of Section 12H of the Tax Act and Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) with our guidance. We'll show you how to claim tax allowances effectively, enhancing your financial returns from learnerships.

  • BEE Skills Development and Recognition:

    • Optimize Your BEE Score: Optimize Your BEE Score: Our accredited learnerships are a powerful tool for recognizing BEE Skills Development points, especially for both employed and unemployed BEE candidates.

Our Qualifications and Learnerships

We offer a comprehensive range of qualifications and learnerships, from Accounting Technician qualifications to ICB and BANKSETA certifications. Each program is designed to provide tangible skills and qualifications that benefit both your employees and your organization's strategic goals.

Accounting Technician and ICB Qualifications:

  • Ranging from NQF Level 3 to 5, we prepare your employees for everything from basic bookkeeping to advanced financial accounting, with learnerships that offer practical, workplace-applicable skills.

BANKSETA Qualifications:

  • Specialized Banking Expertise: With qualifications like the National Certificate in Banking, we cater to the specific needs of the financial sector, ensuring your staff are equipped with the latest industry knowledge.

Let's Elevate Your Organization Together

At SA Accounting Academy, we believe in creating value through education. Our partnership approach ensures that your investment in learnerships is both strategic and rewarding.

Fill out the form and we will contact you to explore how we can enhance your organization's growth and development through tailored learnership programs.

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