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SA Accounting Academy Offer in Partnership with UniHaven:


COURSE TITLE: Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

COURSE LEVEL: Postgraduate Diploma (UK Level 7)


STUDY METHOD: Distance (Online) Learning

START DATE: Every 2 months

COURSE DURATION:12 - 24 months

AWARDED BY: Qualifi Ltd (UK)

Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

A particular aim of the Postgraduate Diploma is to promote student aspirations to attain a degree and enter a new world of opportunities, by providing students with flexible entry and study options. Students who complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership will exit with an Ofqual (UK)-recognised Level 7 Diploma. Students can then choose to continue their studies onto a master's qualification or move onto a Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, with further progression opportunity to a doctorate degree subsequently.

This flexible pathway aims at removing “prevalent rigid boundaries and creating new possibilities for lifelong learning”. This qualification has been created to develop and reward the business managers of today and the future, and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism to the management sectors. It is envisaged that this qualification will encourage both academic and professional development so that learners move forward to realise not just their own potential but also that of organisations across a broad range of sectors.

The programme will require learners to critically evaluate, challenge and synthesise a wide range of current management tools, techniques, and models. The emphasis placed on current management concepts and models is on those that are relevant to the 21st century business environment and context and goes beyond the normal examination of Anglo-American management models. The emphasis is also placed on the ability to adapt management concepts, tools, and techniques to align with organisational culture and apply critical reflective thinking.

The qualification scope covers all the primary business functions and how these are interrelated and integrated. The mandatory units provide a holistic study of core organisational issues that are relevant to strategic decisions making, planning, and enabling the organisation to achieve its strategic aims and objectives. The optional units allow learners to select some specialisation in their study to support specific career directions. The qualification will enable learners to become independent, self-directed learners with tools and motivation to continue learning, developing, and reflecting on practice throughout their careers.

Recognized as a Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma, the program comprises 120 equivalent credits. Fulfilling the Diploma requirements enables you to pursue a thesis for an associated Masters or MBA programme with one of the partner universities. Awarded by Qualifi Ltd (UK), you will also be eligible to progress to study the Master of Business Administration degree 100% online through Anglia Ruskin University. On successful completion of your studies, you’ll be invited to attend a graduation ceremony on campus.

Course Structure

Mandatory Units:

  • Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy
  • Information Management and Strategic Decision Making
  • Leading a Strategic Management Project
  • Strategic Direction
  • Strategic Planning
  • Development as a Strategic Manager

Optional Units:

  • Finance for Managers
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Organizational Change Strategies
  • Human Resource Planning

Study Method

Taught virtually, the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership allows students immediate access to remote learning material, live tutorials, and comments on each assignment from qualified instructors.

You’ll study through Claned, an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS), which can be accessed from your phone, PC or tablet at home or on the move. Claned provides instant access to study materials, forums, and support from tutors and classmates, as well as enabling easy submission of your assignments.

SA Accounting Academy members Special Offer

All SA Accounting Academy members will receive a special introductory offer of EURO 2800 for the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

The overall structure of the course is based on eight units, six units are mandatory with learners being able to choose two additional optional units which can be completed per module at EURO 350.00.

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