Ignition is the world’s first client engagement and commerce platform for professional services businesses, to streamline how they engage clients and get paid.

Nearly 5,000 accounting and professional services firms around the world use Ignition to win new business with impressive digital proposals, engage clients with a clear scope of work, and get paid on time by automating payment collection. Ignition also integrates with leading business apps such as Gusto, QuickBooks, Xero and Zapier to automate time-consuming tasks.

Founded in 2013 by a progressive accounting entrepreneur to find a better way of doing business, our goal is to help customers grow, be more efficient, and create win-win client relationships. To date, we’ve helped facilitate more than 1 million clients engagements and more than 6.5 million payment transactions.

Ignition has teams in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The Philippines, South Africa, US and the UK, with over 150 employees globally.

Ignition allows you to:

Create a proposal in 5 minutes

  • Pull in your services and pricing from your library in a couple of clicks, automatically include your terms of service, and set your payment terms (fixed fee, recurring, pro-rata payments, anything).

Automate your invoicing

  • Integrating with Xero or Quickbooks means you’ll never have to set up an invoice again. From the moment a proposal is accepted, Practice Ignition takes care of your invoice schedule, leaving with you more time for client work and business development.

Turn your plain proposal into a powerful sales tool

  • Embed a stunning PDF brochure or video within the proposal to include testimonials and results, your process, a visual project road map... anything that makes choosing you easy. And yes, we have stunning templates you can customize with a designer.

Onboard your client throughout your tech stack

Automatically set out your workflow and add your new client onto a range of other apps you use within your business, meaning instant job deployment and no duplications!

But don’t take our word for it!




of our customers spend less time creating proposals and chasing signatures and payments were able to cancel other software subscriptions have fewer (or no) unpaid invoices at any given time

Here’s what South African firm PKF Ignite had to say about Practice Ignition:

We were trying to make it a pleasure for clients to deal with our firm, but an admin heavy engagement process was getting in the way. The last thing we wanted was for a smaller firm to swoop in and secure the client while we were still working on the engagement letter.”

"Once a client accepts our proposal, Practice Ignition automatically pulls the agreed upon fees from the document to generate monthly recurring invoices in Xero. You can even go a step further and connect Practice Ignition to Xero Practice Manager which then creates a task in XPM based on the proposal. It makes task management super easy!”

"Our average start-to-finish engagement time—from first contact to writing the engagement letter to getting the client’s signature—is now within eight hours. It’s a simple process and there’s no need to follow up. That makes a massive difference. When clients see how professional and easy engagement is, they can’t wait to work with our firm.

Are you losing clients thanks to a long engagement process?

Practice Ignition simplifies onboarding - from engagement letter creation to securing client signatures.

Get 50% off a Professional or Scale monthly plan for the first 3 months.



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