Ethics for Accountants Series: Upholding Integrity and Professionalism

CPD hours: 3 Hours

Price: R636.00

Video Type: Series

Ethics and Professionalism

Ethics for Accountants Series: Upholding Integrity and Professionalism

CPD Hours: 3

Price: R636.00

Title / Topic

Ethics for Accountants Series: Upholding Integrity and Professionalism


In today's intricate business environment, ethical conduct holds utmost importance for accounting professionals. It's imperative for every accounting professional to possess a thorough grasp of ethical principles and have a structured approach for tackling ethical dilemmas.

This series is dedicated to exploring ethics through four distinct lenses: personal ethics, business ethics, professional ethics, and non-compliance with laws and regulations (NOCLAR). Unlike mere theoretical discussions, these sessions dive into practical, real-world scenarios, offering invaluable insights and actionable strategies to navigate the ethical complexities you may encounter. Our aim is to equip you with the skills to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and uphold public trust across personal, business, and professional interactions.

Moreover, this series fulfills the continuing professional development (CPD) obligation mandated by all accredited professional bodies recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), including SAICA, SAIPA, CIBA, ACCA, CIMA, and IAC.

Presented by Nestene Botha CA(SA) and Caryn Maitland CA(SA), the four webinars will focus on the following topics:

  • Exploring The Accountant's Personal Ethics: A Mandatory Annual CPD Activity: Webinar 1 (12 March 2024): This session will guide participants in discerning between personal rights and moral correctness, ensuring that personal actions align with ethical standards.
  • Delving into The Accountant's Business Ethics: Webinar 2 (09 April 2024): This webinar will delve into conducting business ethically and responsibly, emphasizing how it enhances the reputation of practitioners.
  • Ethics and Professionalism for Accountants: Webinar 3 (17 April 2024): The third webinar in the series will discuss professional responsibilities outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct. It will also cover fostering harmonious relationships among colleagues and safeguarding the interests of the public.
  • Ethics, Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR): Free Webinar 4 - This free webinar, presented by Caryn Maitland CA(SA), will focus on the practical implementation of procedural methodologies to ensure compliance with ethical standards, independence, and the handling of NOCLAR within the accountant's professional realm.

Learning Objectives

Attending this series will equip you with the following skills:

  • Understanding the significance of personal ethical conduct and its broader societal impact.
  • Demonstrating honesty, integrity, accountability, and trustworthiness in all interpersonal interactions.
  • Acquiring knowledge to cultivate an ethical organizational culture by implementing strategies that prioritize integrity, accountability, and transparency.
  • Guiding professional engagements with diverse stakeholders based on the fundamental tenets of the accountant's Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Building a robust framework of ethical principles and accessing practical tools to address ethical challenges with confidence and responsibility.
  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of NOCLAR and developing strategies to handle such situations effectively.

Whether you're an experienced accounting professional, a student, or an organizational leader tasked with fostering ethical practices, this webinar series provides invaluable insights and resources to enhance your ethical awareness and professional development.


The series is delivered through the SA Accounting Academy online learning platform.

Obtaining Your CPD Certificate

This training adheres with the International Education Standard (IES7) issued by the International Federation of Accountants and recognised for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by relevant professional bodies including ACCA, CIMA, IAC, IIA, SAICA and SAIPA.

Upon completing this training, attendees will receive a CPD certificate, which will be available in their online profile. This certificate is in alignment with IFAC's IES 7 standards, focusing on one of the following areas:

  • Input-Based Learning: Recognition of your participation in structured educational activities based on number of hours.
  • Output-Based Achievement: Evidence of the knowledge and skills you have gained through an assessment.
  • Outcomes-Based Impact: Demonstration of how your professional practice has improved through reflection.

About the Presenters

Nestene Botha CA(SA)

Nestene Botha completed her B.Com (Hons) at North West University in 2012. In 2014 she completed her professional articles and her Master's Degree in Chartered Accountancy. She then registered with SAICA as a Chartered Accountant in 2015. Nestene has lectured on the audit programme at the University of Cape Town. She started her own audit, tax & accounting practice which she has since grown into a reputable firm in the Table View area with 60 clients and two staff members.

Caryn Maitland CA(SA)

Caryn Maitland is a Chartered Accountant (SA). She has been a member of IRBA as a registered auditor and accountant since 2002 and is also a registered member of SAICA. Caryn has lectured Auditing and Accounting at various institutions and has conducted independent workshops and seminars for professional accountants since 2006 on various topics. She has presented on the national tour for the annual Legislation Update with ProBeta Training (Pty) Ltd in 2014 and 2015, as well as on the FASSET national tour for the Tax Administration Act in 2014.  Caryn is also involved with the annual SAICA SMP Technical tour.


  • Module 1: The Accountant's Personal Ethics: Mandatory Annual CPD Activity
  • Module 2: Exploring Business Ethics for Accountants
  • Module 3: Exploring Ethics and Professionalism for Accountants
  • Module 4 – Free: Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR)

For more information on what will be covered in the curriculum please download the prospectus.

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What's Included:

Personal Ethics

Overview      Personal ethics plays a crucial role in shaping the professional conduct and decision-making of accountants, extending beyond mere compliance with formal codes of professional conduct. This approach underscores the incor poration of ethical theories into both personal and professional realms, cultivating a profound comprehension of ethical dilemmas. By emphasising this integration, it seeks to encourage a culture of ethical leadership and decision-making within the accounting profession.   This webinar provides accountants with a nuanced comprehension of personal ethics and its practical application in professional scenarios. It aims to augment their decision-making skills, ethical leadership qualities, and the capacity to promote a culture of integrity within their organisations.   Join Nestene Botha CA(SA)  as she takes you through the significance of personal ethics.     Learning objectives      Attending this webinar will equip you with the following skills:   Deepened Understanding of Ethical Theories: Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of various ethical theories, including virtue ethics, deontological ethics, consequentialism, and the ethics of care, and how these can be applied to personal and professional decision-making.   Integration of Personal and Professional Ethics: Participants will learn how to effectively bridge their personal ethical values with professional ethical standards, enhancing their ability to navigate complex ethical dilemmas in the accounting field.   Enhanced Ethical Decision-Making Skills: The webinar aims to equip attendees with practical strategies and tools for ethical decision-making, enabling them to assess and respond to ethical challenges with greater confidence and integrity.  Fostering Ethical Leadership and Culture: Attendees will be encouraged to cultivate ethical leadership qualities, contributing to the development of an ethical culture within their organizations and the broader accounting profession.  Self-Assessment and Continuous Ethical Improvement: Participants will be introduced to methods for ongoing ethical self-assessment and reflection, promoting a commitment to continuous personal and professional ethical development    Content      The webinar will cover the following topics:   Introduction to Personal Ethics  Definition and Scope of Personal Ethics: Understanding the foundational concepts and distinctions between personal and professional ethics.   Relevance to Accounting: The impact of personal ethical standards on professional conduct and decision-making in accounting.  Ethical Theories and Frameworks  Virtue Ethics: Character and moral virtues as the basis for ethical behaviour.  Key Virtues: Honesty, integrity, courage, fairness.  Deontological Ethics: The principle-based approach to ethics, focusing on duty and adherence to rules.  Kantian Ethics: Categorical Imperative and its application in personal decision-making.  Consequentialism (Utilitarianism): Evaluating actions by their outcomes, emphasizing the greatest good for the greatest number.  Utilitarian Principles: Cost-benefit analysis in ethical decision-making.  Ethics of Care: The significance of empathy, relationships, and community in ethical considerations.  Interpersonal Relationships and Ethical Responsibilities: Balancing professional obligations with personal care.  Social Contract Theory: The role of agreements and societal norms in shaping ethical behaviour.  Relativism: Understanding the impact of cultural and individual differences on ethical perceptions.  Existentialist Ethics: Emphasizing personal freedom, choice, and responsibility in ethical decision-making.  Self-Assessment and Continuous Improvement  Ethical Self-Assessment Tools: Techniques and tools for evaluating personal ethical standards and professional behaviour.  Strategies for Ethical Growth: Pathways for ongoing development and improvement in personal and professional ethics. 

1 Hour | R265.00
Nestene Botha CA(SA)

Ethics, Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR)

Overview     Diligent adherence to ethical principles stands as the cornerstone of every reputable profession, and the accounting field is no exception. Accounting professionals bear substantial ethical responsibilities towards both the ir clients and the broader public.  Beyond a mere grasp of rules, policies, and regulations, the overall focus lies on the practical implementation of procedural methodologies. This ensures compliance with ethical standards, independence, and the handling of Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR) within the accountant's professional realm.   Join Caryn Maitland CA(SA) on 21 February 2024, from 09:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for a session that provides in-depth exploration of both the theoretical and practical aspects of ethics, independence, and Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR) will be undertaken.   Learning objectives      Attending this webinar will equip you with the following skills:   Understand the Concept of Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR)  Understanding who is responsible for identifying and possibly reporting a NOCALR     Acquire Insight into the Prescribed Procedures Upon Becoming Aware of a NOCLAR.  Illustrative examples of NOCLAR Scenarios.  Understanding Reporting Obligations in Accordance with Legal Mandates and Ethical Standards.   Content      The webinar will cover the following topics:   Code of professional conduct - definition and guidance wrt to NOCLAR  Auditing Professions Act  Companies Act  Financial Intelligence Act  Trust Property Control Act  Tax Administration Act 

2 Hours | R450.00
Caryn Maitland CA(SA)

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