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How to keep your annual returns up to date with InfoDocs

Date: Oct 8, 2021 - Oct 8, 2021

CPD hours: 1 Hours

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Event Type: Webinar

Presenter: Joshua Alexandre
CEO InfoDocs   

Annual returns are the most basic legal requirement for a registered company. As per Section 33 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (as amended) and Section 30 of the Companies Regulations 2011:


Annual returns are the most basic legal requirement for a registered company. As per Section 33 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (as amended) and Section 30 of the Companies Regulations 2011: 

“Every company must file an annual return in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee, and within the prescribed period after the end of the anniversary of the date of its incorporation...”   

However, this is easier said than done when building a fast-growing accounting firm. With more staff to train, clients to manage and, ultimately, work to get done – scaling your company secretarial offering is critical to the success of your business.   

That is why we’ve made filing annual returns twice-as-fast and easier than ever before. With an 82% filed-on-time rate and over 8,000 annual returns filed in the last year, InfoDocs is the ultimate tool for keeping your annual returns up to date while growing your firm. 

Join Joshua Alexandre, Founder and CEO of InfoDocs, as he interviews Cheri Kok, Company Secretarial Specialist at BVSA (aka “the most productive company secretary we know”), on 8 October from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. as they discuss all things annual returns, compliance checklists, and more (including a Q&A where they answer your questions). 

Learning objectives    

By the end of this webinar the attendee will: 

  • Understand annual return requirements as per Section 33 of the Companies Act and Section 30 of the Companies Regulations; 

  • Understand the difference between filing annual returns with Financial Accountability Supplements (“FAS”) and Annual Financial Statements (“AFS”); 

  • Know how to calculate which requirements apply to your specific clients (including Public Interest Score and Audit Requirements); 

  • Know how to file annual returns in half the time; and 

  • Discover the best FREE tool for submitting CIPC compliance checklists. 


  The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Background legislation. 

  • AFS vs FAS. 

  • Calculating PIS and audit requirements. 

  • Filing in half the time. 

  • Get a FREE tool. 

Obtaining your CPD certificate   

This webinar is free and does not qualify you for CPD hours.    

About the presenter   

Joshua Alexandre 

Joshua is a university dropout turned company secretary on a mission to automate the legal requirements for registered companies in South Africa. As a business owner and entrepreneur, he knows firsthand the challenges of starting a business. With his innovative start-up InfoDocs, he is building what he refers to as "the Xero of company secretarial".   

Who should attend?   

The following persons will benefit from attending this webinar: 

  • Professional Accountants including: RA, CA(SA), Professional Accountants(SA) and BAP(SA); 

  • Company secretaries;  

  • Trainees performing company secretarial duties. 


This webinar is free. 


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Additional material 

  By attending this webinar you will be provided with: 

  • Summarised slide presentation. 

  • Reference documents and/or course material where available. 

  • You can ask questions during the webinar and you will also have access to the presenter after the webinar. 

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