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Relational Acumen: High Performance Teams

Date: Dec 1, 2021 - Dec 1, 2021

CPD hours: 2 Hours

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Event Type: Webinar

Presenter: Constance Kawelenga CA(SA)

A team is always a group, but a group is not always a team!


A team is always a group, but a group is not always a team!  

Teamwork includes sharing of important knowledge with others and the creation, support and enhancement of co-operation and collaboration. For the sake of group success, it is vital that each team member understands how to assign or accept responsibility, inspire other team members, manage conflict between self and/or other team members, enhance the strengths of the team, and hedge the weaknesses of the team.  

This webinar highlights the importance of understanding team DNA and how teams develop. Join Constance Kawelenga CA(SA) on 1 December 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. as she discusses this, and also shows how leaders can develop high performance teams. 

 Learning objectives and competencies developed 

  Attending this webinar will develop in you the following important competencies:  

  • The ability to value the contributions of other team members, achieve shared team goals and capitalise on optimising team strengths. 

  • Understanding the importance of placing individuals as central building blocks in a team, and how to utilise that understanding. 

  • Understanding an individual’s identity, make up, development and influences and how this affects how they interact in a team. 

  • Understanding the different types of teams and why each type is important in an organisation. 

  • Understanding the stages of team development and the role of a leader in navigating their team towards team cohesion. 


  The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Individual identity: 

    • The individual in the business context. 

    • Personal identity. 

    • Dimensions of personal identity. 

    • Make-up of individuals. 

    • How individuals develop. 

    • Levels of influence on individuals. 

  • The team: 

    • Levels of identity. 

    • What is a team? 

    • Characteristics of effective teams. 

    • Types of teams. 

    • Stages of team development. 

  • Benefits of teams and team cohesion.  

  • The leader: 

    • What makes them the leader? 

    • Role of the leader in building effective teams. 

    • Evolution of leader as the organisation grows and evolves. 

  • Team identity and diversity. 

  • Developing self-leaders in the organisation. 

    • Behavioural strategies. 

    • Thinking strategies. 

Obtaining your CPD certificate  

This webinar qualifies for 2 CPD hours with your professional body including: ACCA, SAICA, AAT, SAIPA, SAIBA, IAC, CIS, ICBA, LSSA, FPI, and the IBA. The SAAA CPD policy is compliant with IFAC IES7 and is recognised by all relevant professional bodies.  

All attendees are issued with a CPD certificate available in an online profile.  

About the presenters   

Constance Kawelenga CA(SA) 

Constance Kawelenga is chartered accountant with a broad proficiency in finance, taxation and auditing. She has attained a diverse range of experience - from Big 4 audit experience, commercial multinational exposure to running an audit and consulting boutique over the past 8 years. In 2013, Constance founded the Zuva Group of entities, focusing on audit, financial management, taxation, secretarial, business mentorship as well as business valuations. 

Who should attend?  

  The following persons will benefit from attending this webinar:  

  • Professional accountants including, CA(SA), Professional Accountant (SA), RA and BAP(SA). 

  • Practice owners. 

  • Managers and team leaders. 


  • R 475.00 - Online admission - Individual.  

  • R 950.00 - Online admission - Company.  


Steps to register for the event:   

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Additional material  

  By attending this webinar you will be provided with:  

  • A summarised slide presentation.  

  • Reference documents and/or course material where available.  

  • You can ask questions during the webinar and you will also have access to the presenter after the webinar.  

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