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Strategic Planning

Date: Feb 9, 2022 - Feb 9, 2022

CPD hours: 1 Hours

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Event Type: Webinar

Presenter: Bekithemba Ndebele ACCA
Senior Business Advisor

Every organisation needs leaders who know where they want to take the business to because a business that has no vision is a business that is destined to fail!


Every organisation needs leaders who know where they want to take the business to because a business that has no vision is a business that is destined to fail!  

Strategic planning is a vital role of every business leader. It is the process through which business leaders map out the organisation's future through a common vision. Depending on this vision, specific goals and objectives are put in place and these must then be followed by every member of the organisation as they aim to achieve a common purpose for the organisation.  

During this complementary webinar, Bekithemba Ndebele ACCA, presents an introductory session to strategic planning and shows how it is important to every organisation's success. Join us on 9 February 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for a discussion on this process that is vital for business success.  

Learning objectives  

  By attending this webinar you will gain the following competencies: 

  • Understand strategic planning and control models that are used to plan and monitor organisational performance. 

  • The ability to assess and identify key influences on organisational performance. 

  • The ability to identify and evaluate the design features of effective performance management information and monitoring systems. 

  • Understand how to apply appropriate strategic performance measurement techniques in evaluating and improving organisational performance. 

  • Be able to advise clients and senior management on strategic business performance evaluation and on recognising vulnerability to corporate failure. 


  The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Introduction to strategic planning and control. 

  • Strategic planning process. 

    • Determining position. 

    • Developing strategy. 

    • Building the plan. 

    • Managing performance. 

  • Performance measurement. 

  • Managing the strategy. 

    • Managing conflict between strategic business plans and short-term decisions. 

    • Tactical strategy drift. 

  • Introduction to strategic planning models.  

Obtaining your CPD certificate 

  This webinar is free and does not qualify you for CPD hours.  

About the presenter 

Bekithemba Ndebele ACCA 

Bekithemba Ndebele is an Associate of the Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). He completed his articles with PNA Chartered Accountants in 2015 after which he worked in the private sector as Group Finance Manager at Shearwater Adventures (Pvt) Ltd until December 2020.  

Bekithemba is currently a managing partner at Zuva Financial Services (Pty) Ltd where he is responsible for tax advisory, assurance, business valuations, accounting, and business mentorship and acceleration. 

 Who should attend? 

  The following persons will benefit from attending this webinar: 

  • Professional accountants including: CA(SA), Professional Accountant (SA), BAP(SA), ACCA, AGA(SA), FCCA, and BA(SA). 

  • Accounting practice managers.  

  • Business owners. 


This webinar is free. 


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Additional material 

  By attending this webinar you will be provided with: 

  • Summarised slide presentation 

  • Reference documents and / or course material where available 

  • You can ask questions during the webinar and you will also have access to me the presenter after the webinar 

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