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Join the fastest growing accountancy professional body in Southern Africa.

SAIBA assists you with compliance by offering a range of affordable discounted CPD packages through SA Accounting Academy:

  1. Engage your clients with confidence  -  Quickly and easily get the answers to SARS and client queries. Save +-28 hours of research time on Google/Websites.
  2. Core and elective CPD topics   -   do only the CPD you need or elect to receive all our topics.
  3. Tax and Accounting Topics   -   If you upgrade to the Plus package you get all our Accounting and Tax topics. 
  4. Watch webinars at your convenience   -   Stored in you online profile, watch webinars anytime, anywhere, and on catch-up.
  5. CPD Tracker / Logbook   -   We keep track of all your CPD hours so you don’t have to.
  6. Printable CPD Certificates   -   That are compliant with your professional body requirements. 
  7. Searchable Technical Resource Centre  -  Search articles, webinars, and course notes to find your answer.
  8. Access to experts  -   Gain access to our presenters and ask them a technical query. 
  9. Reference guides  -  Our course material are drafted in a format that allows for ease of reference and self study. 
  10. Interactive sessions  -  Our webinars are supported by live interactive sessions with the presenter. 
  11. Online Q&A  -  Use the online forum to gain access to the views of your peers. 
  12. Practical examples  -   Our presenters are instructed to include practical example of real life cases. 
  13. Affordable  -  The monthly CPD subscription fee makes CPD affordable and easy to pay via debit order. 
  14. Accredited  -  All our events are accredited by SAIBA and SAIT and recognised in terms of IES7 by all professional bodies. 

What is included in your subscription plan

1. These are the Core Topics included in this package.

Core Events

Month Provider CPD Hours
Ethics, Independence and NOCLAR February SAAA * 5 Hours
Reporting engagements April SAAA * 5 Hours
IFRS SME update June SAAA * 5 Hours
Companies Act August SAAA * 5 Hours
Annual Accounting update November SAAA * 5 Hours

* Get an additional hour for passing an assessment on the topic.

2. Elective accounting topics - Covers other ad hoc events and trending topics such as:

  • SARS access to working papers,
  • CIPC and XBRL,  
  • Accounting for Trust Deceased Estates, 
  • SARS and IRBA CIPC Compliance, 
  • IFRS Update, 
  • Bookkeeping, 
  • Management Accounts, 
  • Corporate Governance, 
  • Financial Statements, 
  • Business Rescue, 
  • Independent Review, 
  • Immigration Accounting, 
  • Audit And Assurance

3. Optional Tax Topics (Included in the Accounting and Tax CPD subsciption package only). 

  • Monthly Tax Update, 
  • Budget and Tax Update, 
  • VAT Refresher, 
  • ITR12: Tax Issues for Individuals, 
  • Reducing SARS penalties & interests, 
  • Effective handling of SARS queries & audits and dispute resolution, 
  • Trusts, 
  • Capital Gains Tax, 
  • Provisional Tax & Penalties, 
  • Tax Issues for SMME, 
  • Farming, 
  • Managing Tax Risks, 
  • Annual Tax Update 

4. Monthly Legislation Update

This is a monthly 2-hour webinar presented by Lettie Janse van Vuuren CA(SA), SAICA and IRBA compliance expert. The webinar covers all the latest changes and updates at SARS, CIPC, accounting, auditing, tax, Labour and other laws applicable to business.

Technical resource centre

Technical query  Ask our technical experts a questions and get the right answer.
FAQ  Library of all technical questions and answers asked by peers.
Technical articles  Additional reading material linked to specific technical topics.
ActsOnline Access to relevant legislation, including amendments and regulations, in an intuitive, online format.
Courses Practical courses on specific technical topics.
Seminars Practical seminars and workshop on specific technical topics

Additional benefits of subscribing

Get up to 50% discount on seminars and courses and these exclusive rewards as additional benefits for subscribing with us.


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