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The Practice Management Series is a free monthly webinar presented by practice management experts. The webinar covers everything you need to improve your ability to run both a profitable and compliant practice.

Understanding risks and implementing appropriate responses are now more than ever, crucial aspects for all accounting and auditing firms.

The topics covered in this series are to provide you with a better understanding of the various risks associated with running an accounting or auditing practice.


Client acceptance procedures:

This module will help you reduce risks by following the correct procedure when deciding to accept a new client or reviewing an existing client relationship. As we have seen firms incur damages due to accepting the wrong type of clients. Learn how to avoid this mistake.

Code of Ethics, Quality control & NOLCAR:

A review of the IFAC Code of Ethics and Quality control requirements that you have to implement in your practice. This module will help you avoid conflicts of interest and other ethical dilemmas.

An overview of engagement standards used by Auditors and Accountants:

An overview of engagement standards and when to apply them to different type of engagements. This module will help you navigate the professional engagement standards required of all firms, including ISA - Audits, ISRE2400 - Review, ISRS4400 - Agreed Upon Procedures, ISRS4410 - Compilation, Accounting Officer, ISAE3000 - Attorneys trust accounts

Find and retain the best staff to take your practice to the next level:

This module will help you identify, evaluate, appoint and retain the right staff for your firm.

Develop your own business continuity and disaster response plan:

This module will help you develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Response Plan in the event that disaster strikes and you have to close your office for a period of time.

How to protect your firm against hacking and cyber crimes:

This module will help identify and respond to Computer and Network Risks faced by your firm.

Overview of the insurance products available for accounting and auditing firms:

This module will help you do an Insurance Protection Review to identify your insurance needs related to Building liability, Malpractice, Fiduciary obligations, Trustee coverage, Employee Practices Liability, Business interruption coverage, Motor and office coverage, and Life / disability coverage for financial risks to the firm relating to key employees / directors, and Cyber Risk Insurance.

Avoid POPI and Electronic Communications Penalties:

This module will help you keep client information safe, secure and in line with legal requirements.

The practice managers guide to running a successful practice:

This module will help you avoid the risk of delivering a poor service. This includes assignment of work so that work gets allocated intelligently, training and supervision of  professional staff, quality review of directors, compliance with quality control documents ,CPD, considering new developments and risks peculiar the area of practice and the firm’s clientele.

Avoid bad Public Relations:

This module will help you avoid the risk of bad press and avoid reputational risk. This includes maintaining media relations and handling media inquiries on any matters that put the firm as a whole in the eye of the media.

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