Annual Audit Update 2019

Date: May 14, 2019 - May 14, 2019

CPD hours: 2 Hours

Time: 09:00 - 11:00

Event Type: Webinar

Presenter: Prof.Humphrey Gowar

International Standards on Auditing (ISA) are subject to continuous review and improvement, resulting in significant changes to audit reporting and communication, and integration with ethics and professional skepticism.


International Standards on Auditing (ISA) are subject to continuous review and improvement, resulting in significant changes to audit reporting and communication, and integration with ethics and professional skepticism. 

In this webinar Professor Humphrey Gowar covers relevant ISAs, their objectives, and application as well as other related explanatory material you should be aware of while performing an audit.  

This webinar will assist you in meeting the requirements of ISA 200 which requires that the auditor has an understanding of the entire text of an ISA, including its application, explanatory material, and objectives.  

Learning objectives  

By the end of this event the participant should: 

  • Conceptually understand ISAs. 

  • Be familiar with the new structure of ISAs. 

  • Understand the contents of the newest standard on deficiencies in internal control.  

  • Understand recent amendments to existing ISAs.  


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Overview of IAASB’s projects since 2014, including the auditor reporting, disclosures and NOCLAR projects. 

  • ISA 250 - Consideration of laws and regulations in the audit of financial statements.  

  • ISA 260, ISA 265 - Communication with those charged with governance and communication of deficiencies in internal control. 

  • ISA 700, 701, 705, 706 - Auditor reporting model. Project (including revisions to ISAs 260 and 570). 

  • ISA 800, ISRE 2400, ISAE 3000 - Brief overview  

  • Global trends in quality control review findings  

  • ISA220, ISQC1 - Quality control. 

Obtaining your CPD certificate 

This webinar qualifies for 2 CPD hours with your professional body including: ACCA, SAICA, AAT, SAIPA, SAIBA, IAC, CIS, ICBA, LSSA, FPI, and the IBA. The SAAA CPD policy is compliant with IFAC IES7 and is recognised by all relevant professional bodies. 

All attendees are issued with a CPD certificate available in an online profile. 

Who should attend 

The following persons will benefit from attending this webinar: 

  • Registered auditors, RA(SA). 

  • Professionals providing support to RA(SA)s. 

  • CA(SA), PA(SA), BAP(SA)s that prepare the clients' audit file.  


  • R 475.00 - Online admission - Individual. 

  • R 950.00 - Online admission - Company. 

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Additional material 

By attending this webinar you will be provided with: 

  • Summarised slide presentation 

  • Reference documents and / or course material where available 

  • You can ask questions during the webinar and you will also have access to me the presenter after the webinar 

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