David Pereira
An advisor around the future of work

David Pereira

David Pereira is an advisor around the future of work, with specific attention of the technologies of the future, their implementation, integration and impact on future workforces. With an educational background in engineering, accounting and marketing and working experience in small to medium organisations, David has first-hand experience of the importance of technology and its impact in modern businesses to run more efficiently and remain competitive. Currently, David is involved in introducing 4th industrial revolution technologies to companies of all sizes with a particular focus on how these technologies can work together to provide solutions to real world problems. These technologies consist of Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Cyber Security

Events that was hosted by David Pereira

Event Start Date CPD Hours Status
Understanding the Power of Intelligent Automation 30 April 2020 2
Event Past

Webinars on Demand presented by David Pereira

Title Hours
Understanding the Power of Intelligent Automation 2
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