Financial Reporting

2018 - Bookkeeping Tips & Tricks

CPD Hours: 4

Price: R399.00

Title / Topic

2018 - Bookkeeping Tips & Tricks


Becoming a successful bookkeeper requires the mastery of many skills. Its not just about organising and recording transactions and presenting a trial balance. You have to set goals, create a team environment at the office, and find the shortest but mist accurate route to the reports demanded by your manager, accountants or client. 
In this webinar Roland Gemmell will share with you his years of experience as a senior bookkeeper and show you how to save more time and work more effectively. After attending this webinar you wont have to work on Saturdays anymore. 

Learning objectives 

  • The objective of the course is to provide the delegate with:
  • A brief overview of the accounting cycle,
  • An understanding of monthly returns and how to complete them,
  • The understanding of the difference between a trial balance, financial statement and budgets,
  • Tips and tricks that you can use daily to make your life easier as a bookkeeper,
  • How to improve as a bookkeeper.

Course content 

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The 5 mistakes most bookkeepers are making and how you can avoid them,
  • The 5 secrets of highly successful bookkeepers,
  • Books of first entry, ledgers and trial balance, financial statements,
  • Setting the correct Chart of accounts to assist with information analysis,
  • Why the cash book is your worst enemy,
  • How to correctly apply and use control accounts and get the benefits,
  • BEE information extraction for company spending,
  • Independent contractors and payroll,
  • Secrets of VAT returns

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