Accounting for trusts and deceased estates 2019 - Studio Recording

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Accounting for trusts and deceased estates

Trusts and deceased estates require specialised tax and accounting treatment. Recently there have been many changes to the estate planning and trusts landscape that you need to be aware of. A notable example is Section 7C of the Income Tax Act which was amended specifically to address issues of tax avoidance and how trusts are funded.  

The administration of deceased estates falls under a new tax dispensation. What role do trusts play in estate planning?Do trusts play any role in financial planning? Are trusts even still relevant today? Get answers to these and any other questions you might have on trusts and estates administration. 

Sonja Frank is presenting this webinar where he will explain all critical aspects of trusts and estates as well as share his insights on specifics you should be aware of. 


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Background to estate planning and trust law; 
  • The Income Tax Act on trusts. 
  • Recent amendments to legislation related to trusts and estates; 
  • Creating a valid and lawful trust; 
  • The roles, responsibilities and liabilities of the trust founder and beneficiaries; 
  • Administering and terminating a trust; 
  • Pitfalls in trust deeds and their remedies; 
  • Taxation of resident and non-resident trust beneficiaries; 
  • The deceased estate administration process; 
  • Appointment as curator, roles and responsibilities; 
  • How to do a proper estate plan; 
  • Taxation of income in deceased estates; and 
  • An update on the Davis Committee recommendations. 

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