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Investment advice that is worth paying for

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Investment advice that is worth paying for

Presenters : Yvonne Killian


Our emotions influence our decisions and actions - including our financial decisions! 

This webinar explores a different and more meaningful way of collaboration between the client and the financial planner. It is a shift away from what was seen as a transactional solving mentality to a relational trusted space.  The foundation of this method of thinking is that the client is the expert on their own life and this awareness needs to inform their financial decisions. The goal is to take the complexity out of a client's finances – bringing it back to what makes sense in their life. 

By helping you understand your emotions, you can better understand how your emotions and biases influence your decisions. You will also understand how to connect with your emotions and eliminate what is perceived as noise, i.e. what is relevant, what’s not relevant and what you can and cannot control.  

Learning objectives  

By the end of this event the participant should: 

  • Understand human behaviour and biases. 

  • Understand the role and importance of holistic lifestyle financial planning. 

  • Understand your role as a client and the role of the financial planner. 

  • Understand why it is important to co-create a financial plan around your needs and lifestyle. 


  This webinar covers the following topics: 

  • Human behaviour and biases. 

  • How your emotions influence your actions. 

  • Holistic lifestyle financial planning: 

    • What is its role? 

    • What is its importance? 

  • The financial planner's role. 

  • Creating a financial plan. 

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