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IRBA 2019 Inspections Report webinar on demand

CPD Hours: 2

Price: R237.50

Title / Topic

IRBA 2019 Inspections Report webinar on demand

Learning objectives   

  By the end of this event the participant should:  

  • Be aware of the contents of the IRBA 2019 Inspections Report, including: 

    • The findings - focus on recurring quality deficiencies; and 

    • Recommendations. 

  • Be aware of the basic requirements relating to the remedial action process; 

  • Be able to identify similar shortcomings within own practice; 

  • Be aware of actions necessary to pass upcoming IRBA inspections; 

  • Be able to inform audit/ other assurance staff on improvements and quality measures; and  

  • Be able to adapt standardised working papers that address deficiencies identified in the report. 


  The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • IRBA 2019 Public Inspections Report - Analysis and summary: 

    • Objective. 

    • Background and focus areas. 

    • Overview of inspection results. 

    • Key inspection themes:  

      • Deficiencies found at firm level.  

      • Deficiencies found at engagement level. 

    • Remedial Action Process:  

      • Root cause analysis. 

      • Remedial action plan. 

    • Future outlook: What to expect next?

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