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OHS in the workplace

CPD Hours: 2

Price: R237.50

Title / Topic

OHS in the workplace

 Learning objectives    

   By the end of this event the attendee should:   

  • Understand who the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) applies to; 

  • Be aware of legislative COVID-19 documents issued by the Department of Employment and Labour:  

  • Know which requirements are specifically applicable to organisations with less than 10 employees; 

  • Know how to identify and treat vulnerable persons; 

  • Be aware of how to deal with a positive COVID-19 case in the workplace; and 

  • Understand how to document your OHS Workplace Plan. 


   The webinar will cover the following topics:   

  • Introduction to the OHSA: 

    • Objectives.  

    • Who does it apply to? 

    • Basics of the OHSA. 

    • Penalties and offences. 

  • Regulations, Guidelines and Directives. 

  • Small organisation requirements.  

  • Vulnerable persons. 

  • Dealing with a positive COVID-19 case.   

  • Can an employee refuse to work? 

  • Document your OHS Workplace Plan. 

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