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POPIA: Advising Clients

CPD Hours: 2

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POPIA: Advising Clients


 The 1st of July 2022 marks the first anniversary of the effective date of The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). However, a large contingent of businesses are not yet fully compliant with POPIA.  

POPIA is national legislation that your clients must comply with, and which accountants must ensure compliance with.  Accountants have certain reporting obligations in terms of NOCLAR (Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations).  Appropriate action includes the accountant reporting the applicable non-compliance to management, evaluating the appropriate disclosure of the non-compliance in annual financial statements, issuing a qualified audit opinion, reporting the non-compliance as a reportable irregularity, etc. 

Competencies developed in this webinar 

   By attending this webinar you will develop the following competencies:   

  • Be updated with the important provisions of POPIA and its application.  

  • Understand how to apply the POPIA compliance checklist in your practice.  

  • Be able to develop a client communique to alert your clients about the consequences of non-compliance with POPIA. 

  • Have an understanding of how you can assist your clients with their compliance of POPIA. 

  • Be able to fulfil your professional accountant duty and report non-compliance with POPIA to regulators. 


   The webinar will cover the following topics:   

  • Overview of important aspects of POPIA. 

    • Who does POPIA apply to? 

    • What are the basic requirements for compliance? 

      • 8 requirements for processing of information. 

    • Information officer's appointment, roles and responsibilities. 

  • How you assist your clients. 

    • Are you allowed to offer this service? 

    • Tips on how you can advise your clients. 

  • What are the consequences of non-compliance? 

  • Using our free POPIA compliance checklist. 

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