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Professional Accountant’s Role in Data

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Professional Accountant’s Role in Data


 As economies digitize in the fast-paced fourth industrial revolution, the accountancy profession must adapt to contribute strategically. 

While professional accountants have always dealt with data, their professional expertise can be predominantly focused on structured data sets which are no longer the norm.  But accountants are uniquely positioned and can leverage their existing expertise and expand their approach to include both structured and unstructured datasets that capture financial and non-financial data to support organizations in making insight-driven decisions that seize opportunities and respond to risks. 

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) released The Professional Accountant’s Role in Data which outlines a new model, the data management value chain, in which accountants can, by building upon key competencies, reimagine their roles to meaningfully contribute to the digital economy.      

Learning objectives       

By the end of this event the attendee will:   

  • Have a better understanding of the impact of the 4IR and how professional accountants can adapt; 

  • Be aware of how data and the proliferation of information should be strategically harnessed, utilised and provided to users to drive more informed decisions; 

  • Have a better understanding of the digital economy as a new frontier; 

  • Know what the data management value chain is and what it consists of; and  

  • Be aware of the 3 case studies that illustrate the professional accountant’s role in each element of the data management value chain. 


   The webinar will cover the following topics:   

  • How accountants can adapt to the 4IR. 

  • What is the digital economy? 

  • Harnessing and effectively using data. 

  • The data management value chain. 

  • Accountant's role in the data management value chain. 

    • Data gathering. 

    • Data sharing. 

    • Data insights. 

    • Communication. 

  • 3 illustrative case studies.   

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