Reporting Engagements: Accounting Officer, Review and Compilations 2019 - Studio Recording

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Reporting Engagements: Accounting Officer, Review and Compilations

The accounting practitioner can perform different types of reporting engagements as part of his or her work. There are accounting officer engagements, independent reviews and compilations. These engagements have distinct differences, are governed by provisions of various Acts and they carry unique risks and liabilities for the accounting practitioner. 

Join Jako Liebenberg CA(SA) in this webinar where he will give a detailed explanation of the different reporting engagements and guidance on how to perform them. Jako will also show you how different Acts and standards apply to these engagements.  


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Different types of reporting engagements explained; 
  • Assurance vs non-assurance engagements; 
  • Who can perform which engagement? 
    • Accounting officer; 
    • Accountants in practice; and  
    • Independent reviewers. 
  • Legislation affecting the reporting of different entities' financial affairs; 
  • Financial standards to use in reporting engagements; 
  • Practical tools to use in reporting engagements; 
  • Recent notices affecting the accounting officer's work; and 
  • Recapping accounting officer duties – the do's and don'ts.  

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