2024 SAICA Training Regulations 

CPD hours: 1 Hour

Price: R265.00

Video Type: Single

Presenter: Annelien Feldtmann
CA(SA), MCom, ICR  

2024 SAICA Training Regulations 

CPD Hours: 1

Price: R265.00

Title / Topic

2024 SAICA Training Regulations 

Presenters : Annelien Feldtmann


Everyone involved in the SAICA training programme must have working knowledge of the latest Training Regulations. These regulations are a particularly important component of the induction of new trainees. Other relevant role players will be made aware of, and be reminded of their responsibilities in this regard.   

In addition to benefiting those directly engaged in training, this webinar will extend its reach to all relevant role players, ensuring they are well-informed and reminded of their responsibilities in light of these regulations. 

Join Annelien Feldtmann CA(SA)  for an enlightening session that promises to empower you with the knowledge needed to navigate the evolving landscape of SAICA Training Regulations.      

Learning objectives   

  Attending this webinar will equip you with the following skills:  

  • Gain knowledge of key changes to the new 2024 Training Regulations.     

  • Possess an awareness of important issues within the accreditation criteria relating to the Training Regulations, including reference to the new SAICA 2024 Training Office fees.  

  • Know each role-player’s responsibilities in terms of the Training Regulations. 

  • Understand what your training office must comply with in practice as far as the accreditation criteria is concerned.     


  The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Dissection of the 2024 SAICA Training Regulations:  

    • Highlights of key changes  

    • Highlights of each role player's responsibilities.   

    • The SAICA 2024 Training Office fees.   

    • Accreditation criteria overview.  

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