CIPC and XBRL 2019 - Studio Recording

CPD Hours: 2

Price: R399.00

Tag: Studio Recording

Title / Topic

CIPC and XBRL 2019

Presenter: Earl Steyn

Learning objectives 

By the end of this event the participant should:

  • Understand how to submit financial statements in the new XBRL format.
  • Understand why XBRL is necessary.
  • Understand which companies are affected.
  • Understand the role of accountants vs auditors in filing XBRL.
  • Understand the filing deadlines.
  • Get answers to FAQs on XBRL.

Course content 

The webinar will cover the following topics in detail: 

  • What is XBRL?
  • How to tag income and expenses and create sub-classifications of assets, liabilities and equities before filing to CIPC .
  • What are the filing deadlines for filing financial statements using XBRL?
  • Which entities are affected by new filing requirements and which are excluded?
    • Companies;
    • Close Corporations; and
    • Co-operatives.
  • Which engagements are subject to XBRL filing? 
    • Audits,
    • Independent review; and
    • Compilations.
  • What is the differences between:
    • Filing XBRL financial statements; and
    • Financial accountability supplement?
  • What will CIPC do with the XBRL filed financial statements?
  • Does the XBRL financial statements need to be audited prior to filing with CIPC?
  • Can accountants file XBRL financial statements? 
  • How does auditor independence affect filing obligation?
  • FAQs on XBRL.

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