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Getting POPIA Compliant Series STEP 1 – The Compliance Checklist

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Getting POPIA Compliant Series STEP 1 – The Compliance Checklist

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Learning objectives    

   By the end of this event the attendee should:   

  • Understand the basics of the POPI Act; 

  • Have a high-level overview of what will need to be done over the next 11 months;  

  • Know the steps required to facilitate POPI Act compliance; 

  • Understand how to start using the POPI Act Compliance Checklist, including; 

    • Who the key role players are within and outside your organization; and 

    • The need for a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) Manual. 

  • Be aware of critical issues that need to be addressed urgently regarding; 

    • Data servers; 

    • E-mails; and  

    • Cloud storage. 


   The webinar will cover the following topics:   

  • Introduction - Basics of the POPI Act. 

  • The next 11 months - What to do?  

  • Steps required to facilitate compliance. 

  • Using the POPI Act Compliance Checklist.  

  • Critical issues to be addressed now!  

  • Access to a POPI Act expert consultant. 

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