Ignite Practice Management - The Dynamics & Rewards of Outstanding Client Service

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Ignite Practice Management - The Dynamics & Rewards of Outstanding Client Service

Presenters : Mark Lloydbottom


The core purpose of an accounting firm is surely to deliver outstanding client service so that clients keep returning year on year. Firms value clients who come back year after year, are happy to buy our non-compliance advisory services, and are also ready and willing to recommend your firm to others. 

In so doing one of the really important outcomes of delivering outstanding client service is that profitability increases. The great benefit is that delivering outstanding client service does not cost anything - in fact it pays really big dividends. 

SA Accounting Academy has come together with Ignite Practice Management (a top international accountancy consultancy) to bring you a series of free webinars that take an in-depth look at our ever-changing professional marketplace and what the future firm service model looks like.   

Learning objectives  

By the end of this webinar the attendee will: 

  • Understand exactly what you are selling as a professional accountant/ auditor; 

  • Know that there is a cost to lost clients and be able to calculate this cost;. 

  • Understand the value of retaining clients that you want to keep;  

  • Understand how to manage client expectations avoid service failures; and  

  • Know how to improve your image.  


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • The cost of lost clients. 

  • What are we really selling? 

  • Time proposition - the impactful value. 

  • 12 ways to strengthen client relationships. 

  • Turning your moments of truth into moments of magic. 

  • 8 areas where clients judge quality. 

  • How do you score on the client report card? 

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