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Monthly Compliance and Legislation Update - April

CPD Hours: 2

Price: R475.00

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Monthly Compliance and Legislation Update - April

Presenters : Caryn Maitland


Accountants and auditors must stay informed about changes in legislation and regulations that affect their firms and the business of their clients.  

Technical expert Caryn Maitland CA(SA) researches and summarises all relevant and important changes on a monthly basis and presents this in an easily understandable webinar.  

The webinar includes:  

  • A reference guide of all changes to share within the firm;  

  • PPT summary of all new amendments; 

  • Interactive session with the presenter; and 

  • Online Q&A. 

Learning objectives  

After attending this webinar you will: 

  • Be aware of the latest legislative changes and what it means for your business, practice, and your clients; 

  • Be able to inform your staff and clients on how to stay compliant; 

  • Adapt business models to fit new legislative landscapes; 

  • Receive references to documents and guides;  

  • Have access to your own technical resource; and  

  • Have access to the presenter via email for follow-up Q & A. 

 Course content  

The following legislative, regulatory, industry standards, items and guides have been issued and/or updated during the preceding month and will be covered in the webinar: 


  • Standards – What’s new? 

    • IFRS Monthly news summary 

  • Accounting issues 

    • The importance of intangibles 

  • Sustainability Reporting 

    • Exposure Draft Proposed IFRS S1 - General Requirements for Disclosure of Sustainability-related Financial Information. 

    • Exposure Draft Proposed IFRS S2 - Climate-related Disclosures 


  • Standards:  

    • New Quality Management Standards - Towards restoring confidence and enhancing audit quality 

  • Legal/Ethics:  

    • IESBA Proposes Technology-related Amendments to the Code 

    • IESBA Proposes Revisions to the Code Relating to the Definition of Engagement Team and Group Audits  

  • Other:  

    • New Disciplinary Rules gazetted for Registered Auditors 

    • PPRA Draft Guidelines on Audit of Accounting Records of Trust Accounts (Requirements for Business Property Practitioners) 

    • Revised Illustrative Section 12I Tax Allowance Incentive Programme Agreed-upon Procedures Report 

    • IAASB digital technology market scan: data standardisation 

    • Considerations of ESG-related matters in an audit of financial statements. 

    • ICAEW - Why LCE audits matter. 


  • Notices and Practice Notes issued (Enforcement and to customers): 

    • Admin and transition project notices 

  • Articles: 

    • Appointment of accounting officers 

COVID-19 Updates: 

  • New announcements/guidance: 

    • Lockdown finally over, now what? 

Labour Law: 

  • Employment law: 

    • Employment Equity Act: Code of good practice on harassment  

Other Laws & Regulations affecting your client AND impact on NOCLAR: 

  • This month’s big 5: 

    • The latest SAICA Legal Update has been released and it covers relevant national laws up to 25 March 2022: 

      1. The Employment Equity Act: Code of good practice on harassment 

      2. The International Health Regulations Act: Draft health measures at points of entry 

      3. The National Act: Draft regulations for environmental health, and draft amendments to notifiable medical conditions 

      4. The Occupational Health and Safety Act: Code of practice managing SARS-Cov-2, and hazardous biological agents 

      5. The Rental Housing Act: Draft rental housing tribunal regulations 

  • Other acts and articles: 

    • Rental Housing Act 

    • Older Persons Act 


  • Refer to February and March 2022 Maitland and Associates Tax Newsletter distributed to attendees.  

Regulator news: 

  • SAIBA 

    • Accounting Weekly Newsletter  

    • CFO Talks 

  • SAICA 

    • Application of IAS 12 Income Taxes Substantively Enacted Tax Rates  

General Announcements / News Releases: 

  • Media articles:  

    • Is your word your bond? The enforceability of verbal agreements 

    • Prescription of a judgement debt - How it impacts you 

    • A rundown of why terms and conditions in insurance policies matter  

    • In South Africa, how long an entire insolvency process takes 

    • Your rights when purchasing a property - Interest rates and insurance costs 

    • Draft Health Regulations are under the microscope 

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