Right-of-use – A new asset category accounted for in IFRS

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Right-of-use – A new asset category accounted for in IFRS

Presenters : Caryn Maitland


A lot of discussions have been had on IFRS 16 regarding lease transactions, lessor and lessee responsibilities, cashflows arising from lease agreements as well as the recognition of assets and liabilities under lease contracts. What is usually not highlighted is the "creation" of a new asset type called a right-of-use asset.  

Under IFRS 16, lessees, unless validly exempted, are required to capitalise the lease. How should they deal with the underlying leasehold asset?  Which costs are taken into consideration when determining its value and where is it disclosed on the financial statements?    

Learning objectives and competencies developed 

Attending this CPD webinar will equip you with practical knowledge and develop the following competencies:  

  • An understanding of the background to lease agreements under IFRS 16, Leases. 

  • A full understanding of the initial recording and recognition of right-of-use assets under lease agreements. 

  • An understanding of how to account for and depreciate a right-of-use asset. 

  • An understanding of the circumstances under which recognition other than right-of-use applies in lease agreements.  


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Introduction to IFRS 16 

  • What is an identified asset in a lease? 

  • What is a right-of-use asset. 

  • Amounts included at initial recording of the asset.  

  • Depreciating the asset. 

  • Accounting for the asset. 

  • Recognition other than right-of-use: 

    • Low-value leases. 

    • Short-term lease. 

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