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An industry first (Get in on the details of the group membership that SAAA Negotiate with (SA)UEO )

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An industry first (Get in on the details of the group membership that SAAA Negotiate with (SA)UEO )

Presenters : Caryn Maitland


Survival in this new normal calls for the formation of strong collaborations, not only between members of the same profession but also across different industries and sectors. 

South African employees are generally well protected and represented whereas the same cannot be said of employers, especially those who do not have bargaining council type of representation. The challenges that many employers have faced in the past year have revealed the need for them to have proper and adequate knowledge on matters relating to labour downscaling, reduced remuneration, restructuring of finances and retrenchments just to name a few. 

This webinar presents a pioneering collaboration between SAUEO - an established employer organisation with more than 4500 members and SAAA - an institution with members from across the accounting and finance fraternity. As an SAAA member, SAUEO is offering you a reduced group membership rate of only R175 ex VAT.  

But why become a member of SAUEO?  

Becoming a member of SAUEO gives you the following immediate benefits: 

  1. Representation at labour forums such as the CCMA. 

  2. Legal assistance at the Labour Court. 

  3. Group legal insurance that includes a CCMA outcomes cover of R12 000 and a litigation cover of R50 000 per annum.  

  4. Access to a portal with 1000+ templates on labour-related scenarios. 

  5. Earning commission on SAUEO membership upsold to own clients.  

Learning objectives  

By the end of this webinar the participant should: 

  • Understand what the SAUEO - SAAA collaboration is about; 

  • Know how to become a member of SAUEO and the benefits;  and  

  • Know how to enjoy SAUEO membership benefits while creating a new revenue stream. 


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Who is SAUEO? 

  • The need for forming collaborations. 

  • What is the pioneering SAAA - SAUEO collaboration? 

  • Becoming a member of SAEUO. 

  • Membership benefits. 

  • Upselling clients and the benefits. 

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