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Ignite Practice Management - Bill What You are Worth and Collect What You Bill

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Ignite Practice Management - Bill What You are Worth and Collect What You Bill

Presenters : Mark Lloydbottom


One of the major problems faced by accounting and auditing firms is billing and collection. Unless something changes then just as it was a year earlier,  just like it will be in a year’s time! 

Lock up (debtors/receivables and WIP at charge rate) should not be greater than 26% of annual revenues otherwise debt is greater than it should be, or partners are unable to access their [tax paid] capital account. Consider this – the balances in your 60 day plus columns indicate those clients who are using you as a source of finance! 

SA Accounting Academy has come together with Ignite Practice Management (a top international accountancy consultancy) to bring you a series of free webinars that take an in-depth look at our ever-changing professional marketplace and what the future firm service model looks like.   

Learning objectives    

By the end of this webinar the attendee will: 

  • Know that it is possible to bill what he/she is really worth and collect what is billed; 

  • Understand how to side-step the 21 billing myths; 

  • Understand how to maximise price and close the value gap; 

  • Know the steps to take when agreeing a fixed price; and 

  • Understand the modern way to bill and collect.  


The webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • 3 main reasons why accountants don't earn enough. 

  • 21 billing myths you must side-step. 

  • Maximising price and close the value gap. 

  • Training clients to pay promptly. 

  • 15 ways to improve billing. 

  • New approaches to billing and collection.  

  • The guerrilla billing strategy. 

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