SAICA: Changes to CA2025 competency framework – reduced learning outcomes

SAICA: Changes to CA2025 competency framework – reduced learning outcomes logo

SAICA has undergone a process to update and reduce the number of learning outcomes on the CA2025 (CA of the future) Competency Framework to make the assessment process more efficient. This was communicated to all training offices via email on 29 January 2024.

The EAT Guide Competency Framework – reduced learning outcomes provides practical screenshot examples from the SAICA EAT, illustrating an overview of changes made to the tool. It highlights the impact of these changes on the framework, including removal, consolidation, or refinement of learning outcomes. Importantly, these modifications have already been implemented in the backend, relieving training offices from the need to take any further actions on the EAT.

This guide was emailed to all training offices on 5 March 2024, and was not available on the SAICA website as at the time of this alert.

Click here to access the SAICA Training Office Resources:

Relevance to Auditors, Independent Reviewers & Accountants:

  • All Registered Training Offices must be aware of the latest guidance published by SAICA.
  • Trainees, Reviewers & Evaluators should use the updated guidance on the reduced learning outcomes to better understand how this has been effected on the SAICA EAT (Electronic Assessment Tool).

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